Top tips for making more cinematic videos


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Here are 8 quick tips to make your videos look way more cinematic and professional.

  1. Have a dominant focus and eliminate distractions in your frame.

  2. Add depth by using an aperture with a low F-number and controlling your foreground and background.

  3. Add variety to your compositions by changing the size of the subject with the frame and the angle of the camera.

  4. Use the 5-shot rule to take a minimum of five different shots whenever you’re filming important action.

  5. Use the 10-second rule and hold every shot for at least 10 seconds to ensure a clean take.

  6. Add movement to your shots through your subjects, camera or both, but only when it adds value to your story.

  7. Think in sequences so you have beginning, middle, and ending shots.

  8. Use matched action to film shots that connect each other without breaking continuity.

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