More about me

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I’m a shameless creative weirdo who’s highly excitable by food, mockumentaries and Beyoncé.

When I made my first video more than a decade ago, I’d never taken a filmmaking course, so it was up to me and Google to figure things out. That sent me chasing online rabbit holes and blowing so much time on dots that didn’t connect.

Even though I’d always known I wanted to tell stories for a living, I had no idea how to snatch up the skills I needed to make that happen. I mean, my first boom pole was hacked out of a walking stick at the advice of some blogger. And my first client gig? I only charged $250! (Cue the outrage.)

Now I’m making the course I wish I’d had from the jump so that you can avoid my detours. Aside from that, I live in the San Francisco Bay area with my husband and business partner, Myles. Together we run a video-marketing agency Forward Films and wedding-video shop Thick & Thin Films.

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